Traffic Ludo game

Traffic Ludo game


As it is appropriate from time to time, we had a "working Saturday" in the Education, Work and Care Centre Dobrna in the spring month of May. Although our plans were almost shattered by capricious weather, the sun began to shine and enabled us to carry out a slightly different Traffic Safety Day. We were really happy about it as we had been diligently preparing for that day for a month!

Under the watchful eye of their class teachers and educators the users "built" a town through which we then drew our road, strictly abiding by the traffic rules while following it to our school.

Combining the social and the useful, we kept throwing the dice and enjoyed sweet delicacies while "waiting for the green light".

We can also share a few traffic-social rules with you, the people who watch over our everyday participation in traffic in the municipality of Dobrna. We hereby thank you heartily and wish everybody a safe journey.

"If you want to go over the zebra crossing, you must throw at least four!"

"If you stop in a blue circle, enjoy some castle sweets. You must miss two turns."

"Watch out, a bus is coming! For safety reasons, go back two circles."


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